Application Process

Potential Purchaser must complete Puppy Application process first. We are very selective in the homes we place our puppies in. We reserve the right to refuse purchase to anyone at anytime. The puppy will only be sold with the understanding that it is to go to select home, be socialized properly, and become a member of the family.

Health Guarantee

Our puppies are guaranteed against congenital defects for 1 year. If puppy is found to suffer from congenital defect by certified veterinarian a replacement puppy will be offered to Buyer. Health guarantee is covered in detail in contract. No monies will be refunded. We also offer a lifetime of Breeder support.


We require a $500.00 deposit to hold a puppy. Deposit are first come first serve basis. You can make your deposit using PayPal, cash, certified check or money order. Please remember if you are mailing deposit puppy will not be held until deposit has been received. We do not accept personal checks. Deposits are non-refundable.

Pricing and Payment

All puppies must be paid in full including shipping by 8 weeks. Our pricing is $2000-$3000. We accept the following payment options: cash, certified check, money order, or paypal. 3% will be added to total when using PayPal. No personal checks. If puppy is purchased in Kentucky 6% sales tax will be added to total.

Bringing Home Your Puppy

Pickup and delivery for your puppy is between 8-10 weeks old. You will want to puppy proof your home. Watch for areas that could be tight squeezes behind stoves, between banisters, where a puppy could get trapped. Heavy items on tables that could tip over and fall on puppy (their tails are also known for knocking things over). Stairwells, patio, porches and open windows that could lead to fall. Access to common items such as household cleaners, air fresheners, poisonous houseplants, antifreeze and exposed wiring and extension cords. Remember puppies love to chew and eat things that could be very harmful. Therefore keeps items off floor and out of range. You will want to purchase some puppy supplies such as raised food and water bowls, collar, leash, toys, quality puppy food and crate.

On pickup you will need a travel crate for your car to hold puppy while traveling. Items for clean up in case puppy gets sick, or potty such as trash bags, gloves, paper towels, and wetnaps.

Obedience Training

The purchaser must teach or have puppy/dog trained in basic obedience. Great Danes are in working class dog therefore they love training. Please remember that many adult Great Danes weigh 140-180 pounds plus which means training is a must!

Crate Training

Crate training takes advantage of the dog’s innate desire to keep its den clean, but it does require a regular plan for puppy feeding and then subsequent trips outside to the relief place. When crate training is used along with a feeding/relief trip plan and you add a lot of praise when puppy does what you want, housebreaking becomes much simpler.

We suggest the crate from Midwest 1154U XXLarge has great dane on box you will need a pan and divider with it. Some pet stores carry it or will special order and you can order online. This is suggested to avoid having to purchase new crates as they grow. Once they are full grown they have enough room to stand up in for their head and neck.

Ear Cropping

We do not offer ear cropping. If you are going to have ears cropped need to be done no later than 10 weeks old. Do your homework to find experienced skilled veterinarian for Great Dane ears. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about ear cropping.


All of our puppies are sold with a limited registration, unless approved for full registration with a breeder/show home. Why spay/neuter: Fixing your dog prevents pregnancy and birth of unwanted puppies. It avoids the need to restrain the dog during estrus. It keeps both sexes from roaming away from your house in search of a mate. It reduces the tendency of male dog to urinate in the house, marking his territory. Licensing fees are cheaper. It avoids reproductive problems such as tumors, pyrometer, false pregnancy, prostate infections, and old age cancers.

Shipping and Delivery

All puppies go to new homes at 8-10 weeks of age and never before. Buyer may schedule an appointment to come to our home for puppy pick up. We can drive some distance to meet Buyer to deliver puppy or puppy can be shipped. If puppy is being shipped Health certifications are required to be performed within 10 days of puppy being shipped.

What comes with a Kade Dane Puppy?

1. AKC Registration
2. Current Worming
3. Current Shots
4. Health Record Book
5. One Year Genetic Health Guarantee
6. Puppies will be micro-chipped
7. Puppy toy